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05-January-2015: OverTone DYN4000 G-series channel dynamics now half price
Developed by a design team including two former Solid State Logic (SSL) engineers, the DYN4000 emulates the legendary sound of the world-famous SSL channel dynamics. Don't miss this opportunity to get this outstanding plug-in for half price until Feb 2015.
Download the free demo for Mac and PC here.

11-December-2014: OverTone RVB500 Stereo Reverb Plug-in Updated
A stereo plate reverb plug-in capable of a rich variety of effects, with intuitive controls and low demands on CPU and system resources.
V2.2.0 For Mac OS X now includes: V2.2.0 For Linux: V2.2.0 For Windows: This is a free update for existing users available to download here

22-October-2014: OverTone AF2-10 Stereo Graphical EQ Plug-in with FFT Released
A versatile graphical EQ with a wide range of zero latency analogue modelled filters and realtime FFT display.
Many digital EQs, including those of some popular Digital Audio Workstations can have an artificially cramped filter response, especially at high frequency settings. This is often cited as a reason for the 'digital' sound of some equalizers. Conventional solutions to this problem can be both CPU intensive and add extra latency or other artefacts.
The AF2-10 uses innovative filter algorithms to accurately model the natural sound of analogue designs, even at close to the limit imposed by the sample rate, without requiring CPU intensive or latency inducing techniques.
Up to ten bands are provided covering a comprehensive range of filter types across the full 20Hz to 20kHz audio range together with a realtime FFT display featuring optional pre / post EQ monitoring and selectable slope compensation.
This initial release is available as VST for Windows Mac and Linux, at a 25% introductory discount.
Mac AudioUnits and VST3 are planned for release soon.

Download the free demo for Windows, Mac and Linux

21-August-2014: Last chance to get the OverTone DSP DYN4000 at more than 25% off
The DYN4000 emulates the legendary G-series dynamics processing from one of the best-known British recording consoles.
Using DSP algorithms designed by a former SSL engineer, the DYN4000 comprises soft-knee compressor, expander and gate functions with all the character of the original hardware.
Available at more than 25% off until the end of August 2014, download the free demo for Mac and PC here.

12-June-2014: OverTone PTC-2A Pultec EQ Now Includes VST3 Support
The OverTone PTC-2A Pultec EQ is now available as a VST3 compatible plugin for 64Bit Windows 7 / 8 and Mac OS X.
Inspired by the classic Pultec EQs and modelled using measured data and schematics from genuine hardware, the PTC-2A is an affordable high quality emulation of one of the most sought-after vintage EQs. Separate Boost and Attenuate controls allow simultaneous low frequency boost and cut, replicating the signature Pultec sounds. Transformer-coupled valve amplifier emulation further enhances the vintage qualities.
This is a free update for existing users - Update and free demo for Mac and PC here.

20-February-2014: V2.0.0 Revision B plugin updates released
New updates to the OverToneDSP plug-in range are now available. Where indicated, the V2.0.0 Rev B plug-ins can be downloaded from the product pages. This is a free update for existing users. Existing activation codes are still valid for the new versions. The Windows plug-ins now feature an improved activation key installation mechanism, while existing key files should be discovered automatically.
Free demo / update available from the product download pages.

21-October-2013: PTC-2A Vintage Pultec EQ and FC70 Fairchild Limiter Updated
PTC-2A and FC70 V2.0.0 are now available to download. This update primarily affects the Mac plugins, providing the following changes: The V2.x plugins are now provided as signed .pkg files for Mac. If you have previous versions of these plugins installed manually e.g. via drag and drop, it is recommended to remove them (or back them up to another location) before installing the V2.x packages. The new packages will automatically install the plugins system-wide to:


Existing activation keys for V1.x plugins are still valid for V2.x however you will need to re-activate the new plugin on Mac OSX using the (existing) key. Please see the installation notes for Mac contained in the download.
Download the free demo / update.

12-October-2013: 500-Series Mac VSTs Released
The EQ500 and DYN500 provide professional console grade channel EQ and dynamics processing. Both are now available as Mac Audio Units, Mac VST and Windows VST plug-ins (32 and 64Bit).
This is a free addition for existing users, if you already have an activation key for the Audio Unit plugins, you will need to place a copy of the file in your VST folder.
Download the free demo / update.

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