07-July-2016: OverTone AF2-10/M Graphical EQ Plug-in AAX / ProTools compatible
The OverTone AF2-10/M Graphical EQ plug-in now includes AAX / ProTools compatible versions suitable for ProTools 10.3.10 or later. The plug-in provides up to ten bands of analogue filter modelled EQ, a realtime FFT display, professional metering options (AF2-10M), and the uniquely musical quality of classic analogue filter design.
This is a free addition for existing users, availble to download from the AF2-10 product page.

26-May-2016: OverTone PTM-5A Vintage Pultec Mid Range EQ Released
The classic vintage Pultec mid-range EQ
Emulating the classic vintage Pultec MEQ-5 mid-range EQ, the PTM-5A replicates the sought-after passive filter character of the original, providing a versatile equalizer capable of subtle sonic enhancement or adding more obvious bite to the mid-range to help elements of the mix stand out.

Ideal for acoustic instruments, drums and vocals, the PTM-5A perfectly complements the more familiar PTC-2A vintage Pultec EQ, much the same as the hardware MEQ-5A and EQP-1A units.
Available now as VST / VST3 / Audio Unit for Mac and VST / VST3 for Windows.

23-March-2016: Mac OS X 10.11 'El Capitan' Compatibility Updates
The current range of OverTone DSP plug-ins for Mac OS X have been updated to improve compatibility with Mac OS X 10.11 'El Capitan'. These updates also address issues with related changes introduced by some host applications. In addition, the latest releases for Mac provide live resizable UIs for VST2, VST3 and Audio Units. Please check individual product pages for the latest released versions. This is a free update for existing users, Windows and Linux users are not affected.

11-January-2016: OverTone DSP AAX Plug-ins Updated
The OverTone DSP plug-ins for ProTools / AAX have been updated to address an issue which could affect offline bounce to disk using ProTools 11 or later. This is a free update, available from the product download pages. Please refer to information on the product download pages, and included with the download, for installation instructions. The installer(s) will automatically update existing versions of the plug-ins. There is no need to uninstall previous versions.

22-October-2015: OverTone DSP 500-Series Plug-Ins now AAX compatible
The OverTone 500-Series plug-ins are now available as AAX Native for Mac and Windows. Compatible with ProTools 10.3.10 or later, the 500-Series includes the EQ500 and DYN500 which together provide a channel processing solution with all the character of classic British consoles. In addition, the DYN4000 emulates the G-series channel dynamics from one of the best-known British recording consoles, providing a flexible expander / gate and compressor / limiter.
The 500-series plug-ins are available individually or as the 500XL bundle from the OverTone DSP site.

03-October-2015: OverTone DSP Updates PTC-2A Vintage Pultec EQ Emulation
The OverTone PTC-2A Vintage Pultec EQ V2.4.0 is now available. More of a re-issue than just an update, V2.4.0 builds on this already outstanding emulation of one of the most sought-after vintage equalizers, to further refine the user interface and classic Pultec sounds.

Separate low frequency boost and cut controls provide the signature Pultec sound - deep bass boost without sacrificing definition or detail, perfect on a drum buss or across the entire mix. At the top end, passive filter emulation combined with separate high frequency boost and cut adds 'air' or clarity without becoming harsh, ideal for vocals or acoustic instruments.
The PTC-2A is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, VST, VST3, AU and AAX Native for ProTools 10.3.10 or later. V2.4.0 is a free update for existing users, available to download from the PTC-2A product page.

20-September-2015: OverTone FC70 Fairchild 670 emulation V2.3.2 released
Taming the dynamics of a mix is often necessary, but can leave it sounding lifeless and unexciting. The Fairchild 670 has become one of the most sought-after vintage limiters for its ability to control dynamics with authority without compromising the subtleties of a performance. Just like the hardware on which it is modelled, the OverTone FC70 keeps the mix in check without robbing it of power and detail, emulating the legendary smooth, effortless dynamic control and uniquely musical character of the classic Fairchild design.
Used on a drum buss it can add power to a snare, or weight to a kick drum. On vocals it can lend authority or subtlety to a performance in equal measure, placing the vocal perfectly in the mix.
FC70 Meter V2.3.2 of this popular plug-in for Windows, Mac and Linux gives the user interface a more polished feel, with improved VU meter rendering, and support for Retina displays on Mac.
The FC70 also includes support for ProTools / AAX Native, V10.3.10 or later. More information about ProTools compatibility is provided in the compatibility guide
The FC70 is also included in the Vintage Mastering Bundle together with the PTC-2A Vintage Pultec EQ, offering a significant saving over purchasing the plug-ins separately.
[ Download the free demos for Mac and PC ].
NOTE: Activation keys are not interchangeable between AAX and other versions. Clicking on the product download / buy buttons will present two options. Please be sure to choose the correct download or activation key.

27-July-2015: OverTone Vintage Bundle now available for ProTools 11 & 12
The Vintage Bundle includes the FC70 Fairchild 670 Limiter Plugin and PTC-2A Vintage Pultec EQP-1A emulation. The FC70 emulates the effortless dynamic control and uniquely musical character of the sought-after Fairchild 670 Limiter, while the PTC-2A captures the signature sounds of one of the most popular vintage EQs.

ProTools / AAX Both plug-ins are now available in Native64 AAX format for ProTools 11 & 12, the bundle provides a significant cost saving over purchasing the plug-ins individually, representing a cost effective way to add ProTools / AAX Support.
[ Download the free demos for Mac and PC ].
NOTE: Activation keys are not interchangeable between AAX and other versions. Clicking on the product download / buy buttons will present two options. Please be sure to choose the correct download or activation key.

06-July-2015: OverTone PTC-2A Vintage Pultec EQ Plug-In now available for ProTools 11 & 12
The elegant simplicity of the vintage Pultec design is renowned for its signature 'low-end trick' - the ability to boost and cut low frequencies at the same time, adding powerful, tight bass boost without sacrificing detail.
The PTC-2A is an affordable high quality emulation of this most sought-after vintage EQ. Separate Boost and Attenuate controls allow simultaneous low frequency boost and cut, replicating the signature Pultec sounds while a transformer-coupled valve amplifier emulation further enhances the vintage qualities.
The Plug-In is now available in AAX Native64 format for Windows and Mac OS X, suitable for ProTools 11 & 12.
[ Download the free demo for Mac and PC ].
NOTE: A separate activation key will be required for the AAX version, activation keys are not interchangeable between AAX and other versions. Clicking on the product download / buy buttons will present two options. Please be sure to choose the correct download or activation key.

02-June-2015: OverTone DSP AF2-10/M Version 2.4.3 Now Available
AF2-10/M V2.4.3 is now available as a free update for existing users. V2.4.3 introduces an improved user interface with high resolution zoom and display scrolling for extra detail.
The download also includes the AF2-10M with professional metering, providing PPM (Type I and II) VU and digital dBFS meters pre or post the EQ.
"When we designed the OverTone AF2-10 EQ, we wondered what would happen if instead of designing a digital EQ, we set about designing the best analogue EQ we could, and then accurately modelling it digitally. The result is a plug-in, which accurately models the desirable natural sound and filter behaviour of an analogue EQ, but without the limitations, and with all the convenience and precision of a feature rich modern digital design."
More info at

14-April-2015: OverTone DSP Mailing List Now Available
You can now keep up to date with all the latest OverTone DSP product updates, releases and deals by signing up to our mailing list

20-February-2015: OverTone DSP updates AF2-10 Graphical EQ, adds AudioUnit support
The OverTone DSP AF2-10 Graphical EQ Plug-in for Windows Mac and Linux now includes AudioUnit support on Mac OS X providing compatibility with a wider range of DAWs such as Apple's Logic Pro X 10.1.
Many digital EQs, including those of some popular Digital Audio Workstations can have an artificially cramped filter response, especially at high frequency settings. This is often cited as a reason for the 'digital' sound of some equalizers. Conventional solutions to this problem can be both CPU intensive and add extra latency or other artefacts.
By contrast, the AF2-10 uses innovative filter algorithms to accurately model the natural response of analogue designs, even at close to the limit imposed by the sample rate, without requiring CPU intensive or latency inducing techniques. Up to ten bands are provided covering a comprehensive range of filter types across the full 20Hz to 20kHz audio range together with a sample synchronous realtime FFT display featuring optional pre / post process monitoring and selectable slope compensation.
This is a free update for existing users, more information and a free demo is also available here

16-February-2015: OverTone DSP Website Updates
We will be making a few changes to the OverTone DSP site, which we hope will give it a lighter feel - the site layout won't be changing much so you'll still be able to find all the great products and plug-ins, and most importantly, the store is still open for business as is product support. If you do find anything which seems to be broken, please let us know (and if possible which browser / OS) in the meantime, we're most likely already fixing it, so a page refresh might be all you need to do.

05-January-2015: OverTone DYN4000 G-series channel dynamics now half price
Developed by a design team including two former Solid State Logic (SSL) engineers, the DYN4000 emulates the legendary sound of the world-famous SSL channel dynamics. Don't miss this opportunity to get this outstanding plug-in for half price until Feb 2015.
[ Download the free demo for Mac and PC ].

11-December-2014: OverTone RVB500 Stereo Reverb Plug-in Updated
A stereo plate reverb plug-in capable of a rich variety of effects, with intuitive controls and low demands on CPU and system resources.
V2.2.0 For Mac OS X now includes: V2.2.0 For Linux: V2.2.0 For Windows: This is a free update for existing users available to download here

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