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500-Series XL Plug-in Bundle
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500 Series
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Offering a substantial saving compared to purchasing individually, the 500-Series XL Bundle includes the following plug-ins for Windows and Mac:
  • RVB500 Stereo Plate Reverb
  • DYN4000 E/G-Series channel dynamics emulation
  • EQ4000 E-Series channel EQ emulation
  • EQ500 Analogue Filter Modelling channel EQ
  • DYN500 Channel Compressor
The [ RVB500 ] provides a stereo plate reverb capable of a rich variety of effects, with intuitive controls and low demands on CPU and system resources.
The [ DYN500 ] provides soft-knee compression, and a gentle 'tape saturation' style overdrive when driven at high levels.
The [ EQ500 ] provides a versatile three band parametric EQ, using Analogue Filter Modelling algorithms to accurately replicate a natural sounding analogue filter response without requiring high sample rates or CPU intensive upsampling, allowing more plugin instances in a typical DAW.
The [ DYN4000 ] emulates the world-famous SSL E/G-Series channel dynamics, providing versatile compressor and expander / gate sections with variable hysterisis, switchable fast attack and hard / soft knee options.
The [ EQ4000 ] emulates the well known SSL E-Series channel EQ, providing versatile equalization with high, high-mid, low-mid and low frequency sections. The high and low frequency sections are independently configurable for bell or shelf response, while the plug-in can be switched to emulate either the original 'Brown' (82E02) or later 'Black' (82E242) variants, as identified by the LF control knob colour.
All plugins are capable of mono or stereo operation, providing professional console grade processing while being economical with CPU and system resources.
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System Requirements - Windows PCs:
  • 32Bit Systems: Windows 7 or later and a VST compatible host application.
  • 64Bit Systems: Windows 7 or later (64Bit) and a VST, VST3 or AAX compatible host application.
System Requirements - Mac:
  • Requires Mac OS X v.10.8 - v.10.12
  • An AudioUnit, VST, VST3 or AAX compatible host.
System Requirements - Linux:
  • An X11 compatible Linux distribution.
  • A Linux VST2 compatible host.

Features: RVB500
Plate reverb emulation with virtual drive amplifiers Stereo algorithmic reverb with virtual plate transducer amplifiers for added harmonic enhancement at high levels.
Variable sub-sample pre-delay Adjustable sub-sample accurate pre-delay of up to 250ms.
Variable reverb time and damping Adjustable RT60 time up to 3 sec with variable HF damping.
Features: DYN500
Soft-Knee compression Smooth onset of compression at the threshold point.
Tape saturation / Valve overdrive Gentle analogue style overdrive when driven beyond 0dBFS.
Innovative, efficient DSP Designed for one in every channel usage, the DYN500 benefits from innovative CPU-efficient processing without sacrificing audio quality.
Features: EQ500
Three band parametric EQ Adjustable HF and LF shelves and fully adjustable mid-range parametric.
Analogue Filter Modelling Innovative DSP algorithms provide a more natural response than traditional digital filters.
CPU efficient, professional console grade DSP The EQ500 perfectly complements the DYN500 as part of an efficient high quality one in every channel processing solution for DAWs.
Features: DYN4000
Soft / Hard Knee switch Smooth onset of compression at the threshold point or more aggressive dynamics control on demand.
True RMS side-chain detector Feedforward design with RMS detector accurately determines signal dynamics.
Programme dependent release Variable release time adapts to programme dynamics.
Switchable fast attack Switchable 10:1 attack time-constants for fast transient control.
Expander / Gate Gentle 1:2 downward expander or 1:∞ gate for more demanding control.
Threshold hysteresis Variable gate hysteresis dependent on gain reduction prevents gate 'chatter' while allowing instruments to decay more naturally.
DAW ref. level compensation Switchable 'DAW' option re-aligns auto makeup gain to typical DAW levels while keeping the virtual analogue alignment at -18dBFS.
Features: EQ4000
Four EQ sections High, high-mid, low-mid and low frequency sections provide flexible equalization options.
Low and high frequency shelf / bell Low and high frequency sections, independently configurable for 'shelf' or 'bell' response.
Brown / Black EQ types Switchable between either the original 82E02 (Brown) or later 82E242 (Black) hardware modules, as indicated by the LF control knob colour.
HF-HMF and LF-LMF cross-linking High frequency and high-mid (similarly low frequency and low-mid) sections emulate the control interaction of the original hardware.

Please see individual product pages for more detailed features and specifications
OS / System Compatibility
  32Bit 64Bit
Windows AAX*
Windows VST
Windows VST3  
Mac AAX*
Mac VST3  
Mac AudioUnit
Linux VST2**

OS / System requirements based on typical representative configurations and host applications. Be sure to check compatibility with the free demos provided.
*The AAX Plug-Ins are designed for use with ProTools 11 & 12. Limited support for use with ProTools 10 is available. For details, please refer to the installation / compatibility guide [ here ].
**Linux compatibility is dependent upon operating system components, configuration and host application(s). Please check compatibility using the free demos.