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The effortless control and uniquely musical character of one of the best-known vintage compressor / limiters.
Taming the dynamics of a mix is often necessary, but can leave it sounding lifeless and unexciting.
Conversely, the FC70 keeps the mix in check without sacrificing power and detail, emulating the legendary smooth, effortless dynamic control and uniquely musical character of the classic Fairchild 670 limiter.
Modelled using measured data and schematics from genuine hardware, the FC70 uses a fully balanced design, combined with an innovative delay-free feedback algorithm to emulate the original circuitry.
In addition, the sidechain includes the fast attack and program dependent release settings of the original, combined with Lateral / Vertical, Independent and Linked stereo channel modes.
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System Requirements - Windows PCs:
  • 32Bit Systems: A PC Running Windows XP / 7 / 8 and a VST compatible host application.
  • 64Bit Systems: A PC Running Windows 7 / 8 (64Bit) and a VST, VST3 or AAX compatible host application.
System Requirements - Mac:
  • Requires Mac OS X v.10.8 - v.10.11
  • An AudioUnit, VST, VST3 or AAX compatible host.
System Requirements - Linux:
  • A 32 or 64Bit - X11 compatible linux distribution e.g. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running a linuxVST compatible host application and / or the JACK audio server.



Latest Version:
Windows / Mac AAX Native   V2.3.3 / V2.3.4
Mac Audio Unit 32 & 64Bit   V2.3.3
Mac VST2 32 & 64Bit   V2.3.3
Mac VST3 64Bit   V2.3.4
Windows VST2 32 & 64Bit   V2.3.3
Windows VST3 64Bit   V2.3.4
Linux VST2 / JACK 32 & 64Bit   V2.3.2
Fully balanced transformer-coupled design   Emulates the original 670 circuitry.
Physical Control Weighting   Replicates the 'feel' as well as the look of high quality rotary controls.
Delay-free feedback design   Innovative DSP provides a delay-free feedback topology, replicating the original circuit design.
Soft-knee limiter   As in the original hardware, onset of limiting is progressive as level increases, for smooth, transparent limiting.
Program dependent release   Time-constants include two program dependent settings which react to the prevailing program dynamics.
Three stereo modes   Independent L / R, Linked and Lateral / Vertical mode for flexible stereo processing.

OS / System Compatibility
  32Bit 64Bit
Windows AAX*
Windows VST
Windows VST3  
Mac AAX*
Mac VST3  
Mac AudioUnit
Linux VST
Linux JACK
OS / System requirements based on typical representative configurations and host applications. Be sure to check compatibility with the free demos provided.
*The AAX Plug-Ins are designed for use with ProTools 11 & 12. Limited support for use with ProTools 10 is available. For details, please refer to the installation / compatibility guide [ here ].

Previous Releases

If required, the previous release of the FC70 can be found [ here ].


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