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DEMO MODE Restrictions:
Every 60 seconds the audio will fade out momentarily. To remove these restrictions you will need a valid activation key.
Modelled on some of the classic analogue EQ designs, the VTE-2A also features innovative DSP technology which provides a de-cramped mid-range filter with a more analogue characteristic than conventional digital filters, without requiring CPU intensive upsampling. Transformer-coupled tube emulation adds to the vintage qualities while Physical Control Weighting gives the GUI the feel as well as the look of high quality analogue controls.
System Requirements - Windows PCs:
  • 32Bit Systems: A PC Running Windows XP / 7 and a VST compatible host application.
  • 64Bit Systems: A PC Running Windows 7 (64Bit) and a VST compatible host application.

NOTE: This product is no longer actively developed. You can download it for use with existing activation codes, however new activation codes are no longer available.

De-cramped Mid Filter   More natural analogue filter response without requiring CPU intensive upsampling.
Transformer emulation   Models the behaviour of transformer-coupled tube circuitry.
Interpolated Controls   Two stage interpolation provides responsive, smoothly adjustable controls without clicks or 'zipper' noise.
Adjustable Shelving Filters   LF and HF shelf filters with fully adjustable frequency and gain.
Realtime parameter display   Accurate display of control parameters as they are adjusted.
Scalable GUI   GUI automatically scales for DPI settings above 96dpi, improving usability on a wide variety of different screen sizes and resolutions.

De-cramped Mid-Range Filter Frequency Response:
In a standard digital band-pass or peak filter, the response often becomes distorted at frequencies approaching the limit defined by the sample rate, as the filter response is constrained to 0dB at this point. Conventional EQs may resort to upsampling to correct for this, which can be CPU intensive and add latency.
de-cramped filter graph The Mid-Range filter in the VTE-2A uses innovative DSP tecnology to provide a de-cramped response which more closely approximates the behaviour of an analogue filter by removing these constraints, without requiring upsampling.


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