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Frequently Asked Questions

Host Applications and Plugin Formats:

1. Which formats are supported?
Our plugins are currently available as VST plugins for Windows XP and 32 or 64Bit Windows 7 / 8. Audio Units and VST for Mac OS X are available where indicated.
2. Which Host applications are compatible?
We test the software with most popular host applications for example: The plugins are free to download in demo mode so you can test compatibility with the intended host application(s).
3. Do I need a host application?
Yes. The plugins are not currently available as standalone applications.

Operating System Requirements:

1. Which operating systems are suitable?
Currently the plugins are developed to run on Windows XP and 32 or 64Bit Windows 7 / 8. Support for Mac OS X is available for most products.
2. Are there plans to support other operating systems?
Yes. We are always interested in evaluating new platforms and operating systems for our software.

Online Payments:

1. I don't have a paypal account, can I still purchase the product?
You do not need a PayPal account to pay using PayPal. Choose to "Checkout with PayPal" from the shopping cart and then the section titled "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)."


1. What are the evaluation version limitations?
In evaluation or demo mode the effect will bypass and the level will drop momentarily or fade to silence every 60 seconds. To remove this restriction you will need to purchase an activation key.


1. I updated my host application(s) on Mac OS X and the plug-ins have reverted to demo mode
This is most likely caused by 'sandboxing' of some recent host applications for Mac OS X, especially those delivered via the Mac app store.
You should first obtain the latest versions of the OverTone plug-ins from the product download pages. You may then need to re-install your OverTone plug-in activation codes:
If necessary, click the locked padlock icon on the plug-in GUI to navigate to your license_key file for the plug-in or drop the license_key file onto the plug-in GUI.
This may need to be repeated the first time you use the plug-in with a different host application. If you have problems installing activation codes or plug-ins, refer to the documentation included with the latest downloads, or Contact Us stating the operating system version, host application, plug-in and a description of the problem.
2. Is there any copy protection?
No. You can make as many copies of the software as you like for your own use, but you are not permitted to distribute them.
3. Can I distribute the software?
You need to contact us first and obtain a distributors license. Typically, if you wish to include the software as part of a non-commecial product for which you make no charge, we will allow inclusion of the demo versions at no cost, but we would normally require that you provide a link to our site or publish our site URL in promotional literature. If you want to include the software as part of a commercial product then we would normally negotiate a per-unit fee.
4. How many machines can I install the software on?
For personal use, whether commercial or non-commercial, you can install it on any computers that you own, the activation key is not tied to one machine. If you are representing a commercial organisation and would like a site-wide license, please contact us to agree terms.
5. Can I share my activation key?
No. Publication or distribution of any keys will be viewed as an attempt to distribute the software which is expressly forbidden under the terms of the license.

Product Delivery:

1. How are your products delivered?
You can download the software for free, but for products that require an activation key, you will have to purchase the key, and you will then be provided with a link from which to download the key. This link is normally only valid for a limited number of downloads and / or a limited time. If you have trouble downloading or installing the activation key, please Contact Us and let us know.


1. How do I install my activation key / code?
When you purchase an activation key, you will be sent a link from which to download the key. Information contained in the download explains how to install the key and activate the plugin. If you experience problems, Contact Us providing details of the plugin, operating system and your purchase / invoice ID.
2. Can you replace lost activation codes or software?
We will re-activate download links to purchased activation codes if possible (or in the event of a failed download), but we do not guarantee to replace lost activation key files or software. Links to activation codes are time and usage limited as a necessary security measure. Please ensure you keep a backup of any purchased keys and treat purchased software with the same care as you would physical hardware.
3. Should I post offensive or abusive comments on public forums if I don't like the software..?
We take our responsibilities to customers very seriously and will always try to resolve genuine problems promptly with helpful and professional product support.
We welcome constructive comments which will help us improve the software, and we accept that evaluation can be subjective (which is why we provide a demo for evaluation before you decide to buy).
We are responsive to constructive criticism, and will issue refunds if a product or activation code is deemed not fit for purpose, or where genuine problems cannot be resolved satisfactorily. However, while we respect the right of anyone to express an opinion about the products in an informed and reasoned manner, we reserve the right to take necessary action to defend the company's reputation against defamatory and / or provably false allegations made on public forums or in other media.
4. How do I know your software is genuine?
As of V2.1.x we provide code-signed installers for the Windows compatible software. Installers are signed Verified Publisher: Applied Computer Music Technologies Ltd.
As of V2.0.x we provide gate-keeper signed installers for the Mac OS X compatible software.
Signed installers verify the original publisher of the software, and provide important protection against subsequent unauthorized modification of the software.
We cannot take responsibility for software distributed though other sites, and while we cannot guarantee that our software is completely fault-free, we test it thoroughly, within the limits of our resources. We do not knowingly provide or distribute defective or malicious software.

Please use the Contact Us link, or the Forum for support enquiries.



VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH

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